Americans really wanted to know how many houses Trump and Biden have during the debate

One tiny quip in Thursday’s presidential debate sparked an interesting Google search spike.It wasn’t anything substantial, like how many children whose parents can’t be found after they were split at the border (545). It was President Trump’s false claim that Democratic nominee Joe Biden “has houses all over the place.” Following Trump’s insistence that Biden “lives very well” in his many houses, Google searches for “how many houses does Biden have” and, less so, “how many houses does Trump have,” shot up.Biden has two houses, both of which are in Delaware, and one of which he only bought three years ago. Trump meanwhile owns dozens of properties around the world.On a more serious note, unemployment remained the top search topic both before and during almost all of the debate, even though it wasn’t discussed much on the stage.But overall, Biden dominated the Google search war when compared to the rest of the presidential and vice presidential field. More stories from Trump loses on the merits Who won the final 2020 debate? Call it a draw. Get ready for Trump TV, America

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