North Korea says interference in its satellites would be declaration of war

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What did an iPhone camera do to this poor woman’s arms?

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Teen sentenced in deadly Hillsborough crash apologizes to victim’s family before heading to prison

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Why the Cigna-Humana deal makes sense: Analysts

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Cindy McCain, Head of World Food Program, Faces Staff Revolt Over Gaza Conflict

Staff members accused Ms. McCain, the W.F.P.’s leader, of not leveraging her position to speak out…

A protester self-immolates outside the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta.

A security guard tried to intervene but was unsuccessful, officials said. Facebook Comments

Henri Lopes, 86, Who Straddled Literature and Politics in Africa, Dies

His lauded fiction satirized abuses of power in the continent, but as a high official for…

With the End of the Cease-Fire, Concern Grows Over the Oldest Israeli Hostages Left Behind

Going without medicines, proper nutrition and other necessities leave many especially vulnerable. Facebook Comments

Freed Palestinians Were Mostly Young and Not Convicted of Crimes

Israel has released a total of 240 Palestinian prisoners and detainees during a weeklong pause in…

At P.S.G., a Coach’s Vision Collides With a Star’s Power

The system may be the center of the modern soccer universe, but stars like Kylian Mbappé…

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