UAE dismantles plane of gunrunner Russia wants for Americans

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Sen. Bill Cassidy claims people need AR-15s to defend themselves from ‘feral pigs,’ inadvertently echoing an old meme about ‘feral hogs’

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‘Tomb of Sand’ Wins International Booker Prize, a First for a Hindi Novel

“Tomb of Sand,” written by Geetanjali Shree and translated by Daisy Rockwell, won despite getting little…

Russia’s Isolated Economy Is Leading to Scarcity

With soaring prices and shortages of basic goods, the Russian people and businesses large and small…

Your Friday Briefing: Where Were the Police?

Questions emerge after the Texas school shooting. Facebook Comments

U.S. Aims to Constrain China by Shaping Its Environment, Blinken Says

The U.S. secretary of state gave a glimpse of President Biden’s classified strategy on China, in…

Who Is Protected Against Monkeypox?

Older people who received smallpox vaccinations may yet have some immunity, researchers say. Healthy children and…

America’s Gun Problem

More guns in the U.S. mean more deaths. Facebook Comments

Concern Grows in China Over Economic Impact of ‘Zero Covid’

A senior leader announced efforts to bolster growth and urged local leaders do more to keep…

Through a Recession and a Pandemic, the Book Business Is Thriving in Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital has always been bookish. When hard times shuttered the big chain shops, book…

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