AP Top 25: Clemson, Ohio State slip; Penn State jumps to 6th

Jennifer Aniston says she’s skipping the Emmys because she’s taking ‘baby steps’ out of the pandemic

Footage shows new details after NYC restaurant incident over proof of vaccination

Stabilized Notre-Dame Cathedral Is on Track for 2024 Reopening, Officials Say

The restoration effort is seeking to meet President Emmanuel Macron’s ambitious plan to reopen the cathedral…

Submarine Deal Gives Post-Brexit Britain

The British government played an early role in brokering the alliance with the U.S. and Australia…

Health Experts Support Boosters for Americans Aged 60 and Older

Some, however, wondered why the cutoff age is 65, and not 60.

Alabama Deaths Outpaced Births in 2020 Because of Covid, Top Official Says

“Our state literally shrunk in 2020,” said Dr. Scott Harris, the state’s health officer.

Lions and Tigers at the Smithsonian National Zoo Test Positive for Coronavirus

It is unclear how the animals were infected.

U.S. Calls Drone Strike a ‘Tragic Mistake’

The U.S. admission that a drone strike that killed 10 civilians was a “tragic mistake” did…

Justin Trudeau Wanted an Election. Do Voters See a Power Grab?

A snap election that was supposed to be a show of strength has instead allowed opponents…

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